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    PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

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    Total Hair Regrowth Secrets

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    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in Dubai, UAE

    Grow your own hair naturally with Dr. Satya’s Ultra Fine FUE transplant technique

    At Cosmocare, a hair transplant is not just about regaining lost hair or about the number of grafts required. We work with you to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance and help you to get your confidence back.

    With years of research and experience, our chief surgeon, Dr. Satya is a true leader in the field of hair transplants so you can be sure that you will get the highest standard of hair surgery you won’t find anywhere else.

    One of the first hair surgeon to specialise in hairline and eyebrow transplants, Dr. Satya has developed a unique method of Ultra Fine Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) for successful hair regrowth.

    Discover the difference at Cosmocare and call us on 04 379 8747 today!

    Dr. Satya’s Ultra Fine FUE method for natural hair regrowth

    hair transplant dubaidubai hair loss

    This is what typical hair re-growth looks like over the first 12 months. To see more results, please visit our Gallery.

    To regrow your hair naturally, Dr Satya manually uses a small extractor tool* (0.6-0.7 mm) to transplant hair follicles (hair cells) from your scalp and/or body into the parts of your scalp or face where your natural hair no longer grows. Since hair follicles are “pockets” of delicate hair cells, the maximal survival rate is guaranteed when handled with utmost care. In our opinion, extraction using machine will potentially increase the unnecessary damage to the cells resulting in lower survival. ALL delicate surgeries are still best performed by skilled surgeon’s hands, NOT machine.

    Key difference in Dr Satya’s Ultra Fine FUE technique;

    • Smallest wounds from Ultra Fine extracting instrument (0.6 to 0.7mm punch) which is not possible with machines (machine usually require 1.2 to 1.65mm punch)
    • Fastest healing and invisible scarring.
    • Maximal survival rate with results guaranteed possible with use of specialised implanters and combining with PRP therapy.
    • Dr Satya make sure the consistent results by extracting and implanting every hair graft personally!
    Hair transplant scars

    Dr Satya’s Ultrafine technique use 0.6-0.7 mm instrument

    Guaranteed 95% survival rate of transplanted hairs or your patches will be filled in for FREE

    In Cosmocare, we consistently get above 95% of the transplanted hairs surviving and growing hair after 12 to 18 months from the surgery. With suitable candidates, Dr Satya will write you a guarantee declaring that if less than 95% of the hairs survived 18 months after your treatment, he will give you FREE FUE treatments to fill in any gaps.

    Let us help you regain your desired hairline or eyebrows

    For a detailed discussion on whether FUE hair transplantation is the right type of surgery for you and an outline of the procedure, we can organise a confidential consultation at our clinic or an internet consultation (interstate or overseas) between you and Dr. Satya.

    Our friendly team will address all your concerns and tailor a solution that is most suitable to your situation and goals.

    For leading hair loss treatments, turn to the experts at Cosmocare. Contact us on 04 379 8747 today.



    Donor Site using Dr Satya’s Ultra Fine FUE technique:

    Image 5 Image 4 Image 3 Image 2Image 1Image



    Robots in Hair Transplant


    In April 2011, FDA approved a robotic hair follicle harvesting device, the ARTAS system, for male pattern baldness. It is approved for use only in people with brown or black straight hair, as the studies that led to this did not include people with blonde or curly hair.


    The device is used as a tool for harvesting hair follicles in the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method of hair transplantation, as opposed to the traditional FUT (follicular unit transplant), where a strip of scalp skin is cut. The FUE technique extracts each hair follicle and avoids a linear scalp scar that may be a problem for patients who want to wear their hair very short.


    In the robotic procedure, the patient is strapped face down to the operating chair to minimise movement. The robot then uses a double punch to harvest the hair follicles as located by its computer imaging. After these punches are made, the doctor or technician then removes these follicular units manually. The patient is then repositioned, and the robot works on another area. The robot is used mainly for the harvesting process. These follicular unit grafts are now ready for the next phase of the transplant procedure, implantation, which is performed in the usual way.


    Tools that aid a hair surgeon in harvesting hair follicles are not new; the hand-held motorised rotary devices are often compared to this robot as having a higher transection (damage) rate. This is because the motorised tools vibrates and interfere the surgeons touch sensation. This also explains why some highly skilled and experienced FUE hair surgeons do not prefer to use motorised tools. It is important to differentiate the different FUE harvesting methods, and the tools used.


    Some highly skilled FUE hair transplant specialists prefer to harvest hair follicles by feel. Each hair follicle comes out at a different angle and direction. In highly skilled and experienced hands, the transection rate is minimal even with a punch size as small as 0.7mm. As the angulation, direction and depth of the hair follicle can change in a 3-dimensional plane quite abruptly; it is not possible to predict where the hair travels from looking at the exiting hair’s direction on the scalp’s surface. In skilled hands, these minute differences can be felt, and direction of the punch can be manipulated skilfully to glide next to the hair shaft into each hair follicle. The transection rate is greatly reduced and a smaller sized punch can be used effectively. This is a highly refined skill that requires a lot of patience and concentration, thus the transection rate can vary greatly amongst specialist.


    It is a common concern that the ARTAS system uses large sized punches, increasing the risk of unsightly scars. The reason for the larger punch sizes is to allow for the robot’s greater margin of error. The punch size varies with different clinics. The smallest size used in most clinics in America is 1.00mm. This will vary with patient’s own characteristics.


    The robotic harvesting system is still relatively new, and hopefully improvements will be made in the future. For now, the robot has the advantages of saving doctors time and decreasing the doctor’s fatigue. It has the disadvantages of using large punches risking visible scars; making hundred of punches automatically in a small area before any damage is realised by the surgeon; limited harvest sites ; and limited to brown or black straight hair.


    Due to these limitations, some surgeons are still reluctant to risk the possible inconsistent results and irreversible damage to hair follicles. Therefore, it is reasonably to say that robots have not replaced the surgeon’s experienced tactile skills in hair follicle harvesting.


    However, robotic techniques may improve in the future to rectify our concerns and may one day be generally accepted as a reliable hair follicle harvesting tool in FUE hair transplantation.



    Type of Baldness:

    There are many people who experience more than average hair loss. Such complete or partial loss of hair is called alopecia. Below are the types of baldness..

    Involutional alopecia :

    In this type the hair growth becomes slow as you grow this reduces the volume and thickness. The hair follicles slowly go in the (resting) phase.

    Telogen effluvium :

    This will give you a temporary hair loss from days to months after a strained incident like fever, childbirth, stress, severe illness, or unexpected weight loss, which decreases slowly in a few months. Such kind of hair loss is known as telogen effluvium.

    Traction alopecia :

    Baldness may also take place due to pressure on hair this may lead to tiny, localised areas of hair loss. This kind of hair loss is known as traction alopecia.


    This baldness occurs when the protected system starts to bother hair follicles, leading to hair fall.

    Androgenic alopecia :

    This affects to both men and women. It causes loss and thinning of hairs on the entire scalp. Women experience this occurrence as a diffuse alopecia. More than 40% of people get this type of Androgenic alopecia.


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    • Very quick recovery period
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